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Applying for a place at Barley Barkway (VA) First Schools Federation for September 2020


We welcome applications from parents to our school for September 2020.  We offer 15 hours morning provision in Nursery in our Early Years Foundation (EYFS) class and a further 15 hours in the afternoon within our Preschool.  Please do come and visit us and download the form to apply for a place in September 2020.  Unlike applications from other school years, applications for the Nursery are made direct to your schools' Offices, either Barkway or Barley, depending on where you live.

Reception and other year groups

Applications are managed by county through the electronic 'Admissions Application Process'  (please see the Admissions on Herts Direct link below).
Even if your child is in our Nursery class an application has to be made for a Reception place.
Please follow the county admissions link which will give you more information and the dates and deadlines for making applications.


4 November 2019 - you can apply for a primary school place to start in September 2020.

15 January 2020 is the deadline for on time applications. 


We offer 30 hours child care in partnership with Barkway Preschool.