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Statutory Policies and Documents

Barley and Barkway (VA) C of E First Schools Federation has policies and regulations in place to ensure that we all stay safe, happy and kind in school.  If any parent would like a paper copy of any school policy, any information kept about their child or any other document i.e governor minutes please contact the school offices.


The DfE requires schools to publish how many employees have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

  • None of the staff of Barley and Barkway (VA) C of E First Schools earns over this figure.

Click here for the link to the benchmarking service.


There are three types of policies:

  • Those the Law requires The Governing Body to maintain
  • Policies for teaching Curriculum Subjects within the school
  • Other policies that our Governing Body choose to maintain


The responsibility for policy development and maintenance rests with the Committees of the Governing Body and/or the relevant Special Responsibility Governor or Federation Headteacher.  Committee Terms of Reference will be amended to reflect this responsibility.


The Committees are free to decide whether or not to continue to maintain policies other than those that are mandatory and the frequency of that review.


Policy Development & Control Process

Policies are owned by the corporate Governing Body and only become effective when adopted at a full meeting of the Governing Body.


The operative policies are stored electronically in a directory on the school computer network.


The policies are public documents and are available to be read generally, but access to the directory for storing and changing items will be restricted by the Headteacher. The policies will also be posted to the school website.

When a policy is reviewed the Committee responsible for it will prepare a draft, the definitive version will be owned by the Committee Chair.


Once agreed by the Committee (and consulted on with the staff, if appropriate) the Committee Chair will circulate to all Governors and the Clerk by e-mail for review and comment.


The policy will then appear on the agenda of the next Governing Body Meeting under the report of the relevant Committee or Special Responsibility for consideration.


Once adopted by the Governing Body the new policy will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting, stored by the Head in the school policy record and posted to the website to replace the previous policy.

Living life in all its fullness. John 10