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Barley and Barkway (VA) Church of England First Schools Federation

‘Living Life in All Its Fullness’

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Federation Values and Church Links

Our Federation vision is to work with parents, governors and the Diocese of St Albans to provide an outstanding Christian education, inspiring confidence and enthusiasm as well as positively impacting and preparing our pupils for the rest of their lives.

We will foster academic, emotional, spiritual and cultural wellbeing for all leading to 'Life in all its fullness'. John 10.


Upholding Christian values provides our schools with a sense of community and leads to a nurturing and caring environment for our pupils.  Our local churches are St Margaret of Antioch, Barley and St Mary Magdalene, Barkway.

Our Federation Values

We have adopted 12 values which we follow over a two year cycle. 

Living life in all its fullness. John 10