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What Others Say

Below are some of the positive comments that parents, pupils, and guests have shared about our schools.



"I wanted to write to thank you for accommodating me at the last minute at your virtual Christmas Service this week. After what has no doubt been a challenging year for you, it was wonderful to see you and your pupils come together to celebrate Christmas.  I hope you all get a well-deserved break over the Christmas period and I wish you all the very best for the new year."

Baroness Berridge

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System


"Thank you for today’s wonderful service. It brought back so many wonderful memories. It has definitely put me in the Christmas spirit, I shall be singing Three kings were riding all day!"




"I think you have all done a grand job with the zooms and organising work packs. Also hearing from other mums at other schools, they have not had the teacher and pupil interaction like we have been experiencing. Hats off to you all and thank you!"


"The art lesson my child took part in yesterday was simply outstanding. Right pace, encouragement.  All of the online lessons have been very good and I have been super impressed by the response from everyone at school. Thank you."


"Thanks so much for the story sessions at 9am – they are a really lovely idea. Well done as I know this must all be a complete nightmare for you!! Your work is very much appreciated."


"We think you are doing a great job and turned the plans for remote schooling around really well given the late notice you had received. The quality of care and education is second to none and far better than what we experienced at our previous school during lockdown.  Late night emails are not a problem. The content of the messages have been great and super informative. I was able to get everything I needed at a quick glance this morning so that was perfect.  We're all doing the best we can and getting kids of primary school age learning from home is an almost impossible challenge, not forgetting the setup of the technology you've done as well. Well done!"


"Could you please thank all the staff for the level of work that has obviously been put in to this amount of work. I can see this being a true success.  Takes a lot of organisation and my children will definitely benefit from it."


"My child was particularly excited and proud to tell me that she played tennis on the court.  She thoroughly enjoyed it!!  I am amazed that you were able to give them this opportunity. And once again, I feel lucky and grateful that she can go to such a wonderful school!"


"I am soooo impressed with this way of being virtually at school!  Thank you for making this a possibility, none of my friends or family's children have this set up with school so it is truly a merit to you and your team's ingenuity and commitment to the children! Well done!"


"Thank you so much for the Tesco voucher.  The school support during a difficult time that none of us have ever experienced mean so much. Hope all the teachers and pupils that are at school stay safe during this time."


"I have attended 13 consecutive Barley / Barkway School Carol Services and I feel I must tell you that yesterdays was the most meaningful and beautiful.  How special it was to recognise each child's culture - very moving!"


"Thank you for everything you do for the school.  The last year has been an incredible (and positive) transformation under your leadership.  It is lovely to see such a tightly knit group of teachers and staff, who all work wonderfully together.  They seem happy, you seem happy and the children benefit from it.  So thank you!"


"Please could you pass on my thanks for the English session this morning.  I really enjoyed coming along and was very impressed with the depth they go onto in class - it’s given me good ideas of how to read with my child at home."


"We would like to thank you all for the opportunity our children had to accompany the school on a camp to Kingswood Residential.  In particular a sincere thank you from us as parents that we never once had to be concerned about their safety or wellbeing while they were in your care.  Both our kids had the most amazing time and cannot stop talking about all the new things they’ve experienced, skills they’ve learned, the most delicious food and the DISCO!!  Thank you for giving them the opportunity.  This is one experience they will never forget."


"The children had such a good time, and the format was excellent - particularly liked the multi-sport theme and parent races - we need a teachers 2 legged race next year :-) Preschool little ones were really well behaved too and having the picnic with families after is lovely. My parents came along for the first time and thought it was wonderful."


"I wanted to write to say thank you for all your hard work making the sports day so fun, inclusive and with just a hint of competition!!  Our child was thrilled to win his little race, but the general feel of camaraderie amongst, pupils, staff and parents was a delight to be part of."