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‘Living Life in All Its Fullness’

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What Others Say

Year 1 visit to Henry Moore Studios & Gardens. Summer 2022.

Apple Class, it was delightful to meet you this morning. I was very happy to take you on your tour of the gardens and help you learn something about Henry Moore’s life and work.  You listened very well and were alert and responsive.  You all showed an interest in the artworks and did your best to make comments and ask questions. - Jan, Volunteer Guide.

Whole School maths Mastery Readiness observation. Summer 2022.

Visiting maths lessons and talking with children as part of the maths Mastery Readiness year has been a pleasure. The children are keen to learn and to explore ideas together and with their teachers. - Nicola Adams, Primary Teaching and Learning Adviser (mathematics), Herts for Learning Ltd.

Living life in all its fullness. John 10

Faith - Curiosity - Wellbeing - Confidence