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Children's Art Gallery

The "Weekly Sketchbook Challenge" is a year 3 and 4 project that is open to the whole school and our local community.  Each week we draw, paint or make collage in our sketchbooks to boost our creativity and keep our art skills on top form. 

Sketchbook Challenge 10 - The view at the end of a tunnel

Sketchbook Challenge 9 - The Best Party I Ever Went To

Challenge 8 - Birds on a Cliff

Challenge 7 - An awful towering pudding

Challenge 6 - Traffic Choked Streets

Challenge 5 - An Exotic Bird with a Long Neck

Challenge 4 - On my way to a swimming lesson

Challenge 3 - Tattoo of a rainforest tribe

Challenge 2 - A still, starry night in a garden

Challenge 1 - I was facing a long sea crossing