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Barley and Barkway (VA) Church of England First Schools Federation

‘Christian Love in Action’

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Who's Who

Teaching Staff and Assistants

Our diverse staff, teaching and non-teaching, are an enthusiastic team who play a vital role in fostering a spirit of creativity and learning in our school. To further develop their skills, our staff receive ongoing, high quality training and development.


Name Position Key Stage
Mrs Sharon Brown Federation Headteacher
Mrs Naomi Gould Deputy Headteacher  

Miss Lara Miere

Teacher Nursery and Reception

Mrs Naomi Gould/Mrs Mary Weston

Teachers Year 1
Ms Elizabeth Wallace Teacher Year 2
Mrs Jessica West/Mr Robert Davies Teachers Year 3
Mr Robert Davies Teacher Year 4
Mrs Jessica West Forest School Leader  

Mrs Heather Pitt/Mr Ross Adams

Teaching Assistants

Nursery, Reception and Year 1             

Miss Sarah Foster/Mrs Mandy Corrance  

Learning Support/Teaching Assistants 

Years 2-4                                    

Mrs Heather Pitt/Miss Shkurte Gashi/

Mr Ross Adams/Mrs Doreen Castle

Midday Supervisors  
Mrs Julie Horsley/Alina White Catering  
Miss Marta Gawel Cleaner  
Mr Michael Coomes Site Manager in both schools  
Mr Richard Pitt Classroom Bus Driver  
Mr Ross Adams Bus Passenger Assistant  
Mrs Maryna de Klerk

Business Manager

Mrs Jasmine Valk/Mrs Jennifer Makewell Schools' Administrators