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Barley and Barkway (VA) Church of England First Schools Federation

‘Christian Love in Action’

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“Small schools that do big things”


Welcome to the Barley and Barkway Church of England First Schools Federation. Our two schools work as equal partners and are both set at the heart of their villages. Our children come from these and the surrounding villages and from nearby Royston and Buntingford.


As Church Schools, we are deeply influenced by the Christian faith and its values, treating every member of our school communities with respect and offering Christian pastoral care. Our schools are places where all feel happy, safe and secure and where we offer the very best educational opportunities to all whatever gender, or ethnicity.  We want to develop independent, confident children who value learning and enjoy school.  We teach our children in single year groups from Year 1 to Year 4 with years Nursery, Reception and Year 1 in Barkway and the pupils in Years 2,3 and 4 in Barley, which facilitates improved educational and social progress for all.  


Within our Federation, we want to give all children the opportunity to engage with a rich and varied curriculum and a range of learning experiences which inspire and motivate. In short, to make learning enjoyable.  Working alongside Barkway Preschool which meets in Barkway School, we offer exciting and challenging opportunities for children aged from 2 to 9.  Our partnership with the Essex School in London enables us to celebrate diversity in our world, while our opportunities for Forest School furthers our understanding of the natural world.  As small schools we are able to personalise learning experiences so that all our pupils make good progress and achieve well and grow both educationally and spiritually.  We ensure that pupils have the support and high quality teaching needed to allow them to make the best possible progress that they can in all aspects of their learning.


We hope that you will come and visit our schools; you can be assured of a warm welcome.


Sharon Brown

Federation Headteacher


Amy Martin

Chair of Governors