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Our SEND Information Report is offered alongside Hertfordshire’s SEND Local Offer. This can be found via:

At Barley and Barkway Federation, we strive to create an environment where every pupil can thrive and begin their life long journey as learners.  We appreciate that the school experience can provide more challenges for some pupils and we aim to help reduce these barriers to learning. We recognise that all staff share the responsibility for identifying and supporting pupils’ special educational needs and plan our support accordingly.

Inclusion at Barley and Barkway Federation is not only designed to support our pupils through the academic side of school life, but also the social, emotional, behavioural and extra-curricular aspects.

Through our SEN Information Report we hope to outline how our school offers support.

SENDCo - Mrs Carol Porter – National Senco Award

SEND Information Report created December 2020.

How are pupils with SEN identified?                                                                                          

We work closely with our preschool and other settings where our Nursery and Reception children come from. The SENDCo will attend EHCP reviews on parental request, if they plan on naming Barley and Barkway Federation in Section I.

Any SEND concerns about pupils are discussed on entry to our schools and parents are involved from the start if we perceive a child is having difficulty with his or her learning. 

Teaching and support staff are key to this process. Teachers refer pupils to the SENDCo if they feel that additional support is needed. The SENDCo and the class teacher will meet to discuss the barriers to learning that the child is facing.  Whilst we hold pupil progress meetings each term to discuss individual children’s progress, any SEND issues will be addressed as soon as they are spotted.

As well as interventions to support learning, some pupils may require social, emotional and mental health interventions. Staff will speak to our Mental Health Lead and to the SENDCo or Heads of Year if they have any concerns. Parents will always be informed if a referral is made for their child.

What kinds of SEN are provided for?                                                                                         

Barley and Barkway Federation  is an inclusive federation and will provide for pupils who are able, with reasonable adjustments, to access a mainstream education.

We have close links with a number of specialist agencies to support pupils with additional needs. thrive at BARLEY AND BARKWAY FEDERATION   .

Our school sites are able to be accessed by wheelchair and further improvements to the Barkway building are being made in this academic year. We have disabled toilet access on both school sites. There is a disabled parking bay in Barley for ease of access. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are concerned about access issues.

Differentiation within all lessons accommodates pupils who can find it difficult to access learning. 

How are parents consulted and involved?                                                                                

We hold autumn and spring parent consultations; dates can be found on the website calendar. 

Initial e-mails, meetings and phone calls with class teachers about concerns regarding pupil progress or behaviour, provides a foundation for possible future meetings with the SENDCo to discuss any plans for your child.


A small number of pupils may require an Education Health Care Plan (previously known as ‘Statements’). Any decision to apply for EHCP is made in full consultation with parents/carers and school. This is only used when all support strategies and the ‘Graduated Approach’ to supporting pupils with ‘Additional’ needs, have been used and have not been sufficient to allow the pupil to sufficiently access learning. Parents of pupils with EHCPs will have a link SENDCo to communicate with. This communication will include a face-to-face annual EHCP review.

Initial contact should always be made with your child’s class teacher or the school office, they will direct your enquiry to the correct member of staff if they are unable to answer your query.

Parents should be aware of the following websites they can access for support:

Hertfordshire Local SEND Offer:



Youth Connexions Herts

How are pupils consulted and involved?                                                                                   

Class teachers talk regularly with their pupils about their learning. These conversations may highlight additional support needed.

Pupils are encouraged to speak with their teachers/teaching assistants if they are concerned about anything.



How are pupils supported in transitions between settings?                                                    

We have a comprehensive transition process and close links with our Middle Schools to ensure good information sharing. This helps us prepare to support pupils with additional needs on arrival at the next setting.

All pupils will participate in transition events, including a full day of transition activities in July. Some pupils will be invited for additional visits to the school both with and without their parents.


What is the BARLEY AND BARKWAY FEDERATION    approach to teaching pupils with SEN?

At Barley and Barkway, we firmly support, in line with the SEN Code of Practice and Teachers’ Standards, that all teachers are teachers of SEND. In the first instance support for all learners should come from the teacher in the mainstream classroom.

Teachers use the Graduated Approach to monitor the work they do with the pupils in their classes:


If these cycles prove to be unsuccessful in the classroom, pupils will be referred to the SENDCos who will begin their own cycles using interventions and external agencies as needed. Academic interventions provided by the SEND team have included:

How are adaptations made to the curriculum and the learning environment of children and young people with SEN?

The majority of pupils’ needs are met by high quality differentiated classroom provision. Staff are supported to do this through TA support, clear information sharing and in-house CPD training.


We take into consideration a wide variety of factors before placing any pupil on the Additional Needs Register. Pupils may have needs but not be placed on the register if they are making good progress in the classroom and all staff are aware. However, if a pupil is making inadequate progress and is, in consultation with class teachers, SENDCo and parents, judged to have a significant learning difficulty, he/she will be placed on the register. Data informing these judgments may include:

  • Tracking about pupils’ achievement
  • Referrals from classroom teachers
  • Information and advice from relevant outside agencies.

A pupil may also be placed on the register if they have an SEMH need which is impacting their ability to access the curriculum.

The Additional Needs Register is reviewed termly and pupils can be added or removed from the register at any stage during the year.

It is important to note that pupils can receive additional support and interventions as part of whole school provision and this would not automatically place them on our Additional Needs Register.

How does Barley and Barkway Federation  evaluate the effectiveness of the provision made for children and young people with SEN?

Barley and Barkway Federation tracks the provision offered to pupils through whole school data collection. This allows SLT, to monitor the progress of pupils in different subjects as well as their behaviour, achievement and attendance.

What training does your staff have to support pupils with SEN?          

The school SENDCo is Mrs Carol Porter, who holds the NASENDCo Award. Mrs Naomi Gould is in the role of Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead and coordinates our SEMH provision.

We are proud of our team of teaching assistants. Training for our team varies according to pupil need.

How does BARLEY AND BARKWAY FEDERATION    access specialist expertise and use external agencies?

We source advice and support from a variety of outside agencies, currently this includes:

  • ISL Autism and Communication Team.
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Counselling/drama therapy
  • Family Support Worker
  • Transition Support Worker
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Occupational Therapists
  • SPLD special teacher for access arrangement.

How are children and young people with SEN enabled to engage in activities available with children and young people in the school who do not have SEN?

We encourage all pupils to participate in extracurricular clubs and events held at Barley and Barkway Federation.

We offer school trips, some residential, in all year groups. We endeavour to encourage access to these for all pupils. Parents, Class Teachers, TAs and the SENDCo work together to ensure the correct support is in place for these journeys and that pupils are well prepared with what to expect.

We offer support for all pupils at break and lunchtime through MSAs and these are trained to work alongside any pupils with SEND.

How are pupils supported with their emotional and social development?

The relationship with the class teacher is key to the pastoral support on offer at our schools.  A supportive and trusting relationship is encouraged.

Some pupils require additional social and emotional support. This can be arranged through our Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead, Mrs Naomi Gould.

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?

Initial contact should be made with your child’s class teacher or through the school office..

Any complaints about SEND provision should be directed in the first instance in writing to Mrs Carol Porter, SENDCo who can be contacted via the school office.