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School Lunches


We encourage all children to have a school meal and the weekly menu is on display in the Dining Room.  If your child would like to take up this option please inform the school office.  The cost of school lunches: Nursery - £2.25 and Years 3/4 - £2.40, this is very good value for a freshly cooked nutritional meal. Universal Free School Meals are offered from Reception to Year 2.


Please always ensure that the school office and kitchen are informed of any food allergies. Hertfordshire Catering Ltd cannot guarantee that any meal is nut-free but nuts are never included in the school menu and there are no GM items.


Lunches are invoiced half-termly in advance and payment can either be made termly or half-termly.  Lunches not taken because of sickness are credited to the next half-term’s bill.



If you think you might be eligible for Free School Meals, please apply online at or phone 0300 123 4048.


Snack and Milk

All children in Years Reception, Yr 1 & 2 are entitled to free fruit and vegetables as a snack at playtime. Years 3 & 4 children may bring in a piece of fruit at playtime if they so wish.


Children in all Year groups are entitled to subsidised milk.  Milk is free to all under 5’s otherwise milk is £15.34 for the whole term (Spring Term 2019).  If your child would like to take up this option please inform the school office.  Milk is ordered and paid for in advance each term.


Infant and Junior aged children entitled to benefit related free school meals are also entitled to free school milk.